highlighting potential issues/errors of telecom invoice

Why Billing Errors Occur in Telco Invoices

We find billing errors every day. Are we very good at our job? Sure.  But telco billing errors are prevalent. It’s sad to think of all the corporations that are overpaying for their telecom and IT services. Large to mid-size companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from telecom billing errors. Typically, […]

highlighting potential issues/errors of telecom invoice

Billing Verification is a great stepping stone to TEM

More than 92% of our TEM clients start their relationship with Billing Verification Service.  And, why not? It’s an easy, no-risk decision. UTR will perform a comprehensive billing audit of your telecom services to uncover and correct billing errors by reviewing your telecom contracts and verifying the last few months’ billing. Overall, we’ll put in […]

Be a winner with TEM

Everything to gain and nothing to lose with TEM. By embarking on a telecom expense management journey you gain… These are the main gains. What did you lose? Nothing. Start this journey either with your staff or by using an expert (like UTR).

Manage your expectations about VoIP

Are you following the latest VoIP craze? We honestly don’t believe the service is delivering on client expectations — and too often is oversold as a cure for all. VoIP is good for some but not for all. Sure there are some savings.But there are some tradeoffs as well. With VoIP you can expect: To […]

Do not auto-renew contracts

It’s GOOD to get a lower price, but BAD if it’s not the lowest price with exit flexibility. Let me explain… 90% of all telecom contracts renew automatically So if you’re not paying attention, your contract just renewed with a 3-year old rate and terms that no longer match your needs. Contracts should NEVER be […]

Be transparent. Make charges visible to cost centers

As your company goes through changes your telecom services and expenses will contract and expand. This is why your bill changes every month. For Information Services it is important to have a process that recognizes and communicates these changes to the organization stakeholders (i.e. Cost Center Managers). By disseminating such information, IT will discover they […]

Dive into the data

What questions do you ask your data regarding your company’s telecom? While there are many more questions you could ask, these are our Favorite 5. The answers to these questions will help you: Each month take time to review your telecom inventory and expense.

Track credits for disconnects

Actual Scenario & Conversation Vendor: Hello, how may I help you? UTR: Yes, I submitted a disconnect order last week and did not receive a confirmation number. Vendor: Sorry to hear that. Could you please resend? UTR: No problem; I’ll send it now, and you can verbally confirm receipt and email the number to me. […]

Check that you’re billed the correct rates

$85,679.20 Refund Check was secured for a client.The vendor just couldn’t get it right! All the LD usage on the main account was billed at 19 cents per minute — a competitive rate in 1967. The usage was being picked from another carrier and the associated PIC codes were constantly slipping off to a system […]

Analyze usage OF every expense item

The expression goes – things that get measured get managed! Have you measured your telecom expense? These questions are how you begin the process of managing your telecom expenses. The answers to them might really surprise you. And hopefully motivate you to dig into those monthly bills and find those errors. They are there, growing […]

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