Manage your expectations about VoIP

Are you following the latest VoIP craze?

We honestly don’t believe the service is delivering on client expectations — and too often is oversold as a cure for all. VoIP is good for some but not for all.

Sure there are some savings.
But there are some tradeoffs as well.

Router with signal image above it

With VoIP you can expect:

  • quality issues
  • transfer of service realities
  • billing errors based on configuration
  • security concerns
  • and good old customer support problems

To determine if this solution fits your company, the justification equation must include more than just cost of replacement. It’s not about telecom, but rather it’s about your business.

VoIP does not fit every scenario. It is not available everywhere, so confirm where you do business. And yes, don’t be surprised, but you will still have lots of other telecom bills.

Without changing your telecom to VoIP you can wring out 15-20% savings from your current vendors with TEM.

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