Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Reduce IT/Telecom Spend by 15% to 25%

Increase Staff Productivity by 75%

tem equals automation

With TEM, we automate

  •  tracking of all inventory & services
  •  validating & processing invoices
  •  generating data analysis & reports

of your telecom and IT services.

Telecom is one of your company’s largest expenses. It can be cumbersome and overwhelming to track and manage across the multiple departments, locations and divisions — which then complicates reviewing and approving IT/telecom expenses.

Reduce your Telecom spend by 15% - 25%

How do we reduce your spend?

  • We manage your inventory, contracts and expenses so we can verify every cost item of an invoice and root out billing errors. (Sadly, 95% of the bills have errors)
  • We continually find, stop & correct billing errors, and request refunds & credits for historical errors. 
  • We thoroughly process invoices within 2-3 days which eliminates late fees.

Eliminate billing errors, late fees, manual processes and the frustration of managing your IT/telecom services.

Boost staff productivity by 75%

How will your staff productivity increase?

  • Centralized, accurate, easily accessible data of inventory, contract rates, usage and expenses.
  • Invoices automatically processed, reconciled, optimized, coded with ready-to-pay files submitted to AP.
  • Monthly custom, detailed reports on all expenses and any variances. Plus, comprehensive cost trend data for budget planning.

TEM matches all equipment and services that you’re billed to a person, cost center, business unit, site, location and general ledger code.

tem equals

Ongoing Billing Verification


Inventory Management 

& Invoice Processing

Bridge the gap between vendor bills and your company information with a solution that pays for itself!

Gain assurance in knowing the full picture of your IT/telecom services. 
Easily locate inventory. Make informed decisions.


  • Know exactly what you have and what you’re paying for.


  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Ensure you are billed at the correct rates.
  • Negotiate, plan, and budget accurately.


  • Integrated system provides accuracy and automation.
  • Save time not chasing info.

Stop paying erroneous bills. Lower operational costs.

Start saving money with a solution that pays for itself within months.

We do everything for you

UTR Global fully implements TEM for your company.

  • We build and maintain a database of your services, contracts, rates, locations, owners, etc. Your IT doesn’t need to program or integrate.
  • We track all moves/adds/changes.
  • We receive & load all vendor billing.
  • We reconcile and verify all bills for rate, tariff and contract compliance. And correct all variances identified.
  • We prepare cost allocation and accounts payable reports & files.
  • We generate detailed reports and analysis.
  • We liaison with telecom vendors on your behalf.
  • We answer any and all of your questions.

With centralized information, billing scrubbed clean, and inventory data updated every month, you’re now in complete control over your telecom/technology.

100% track record for generating savings and Increasing staff productivity

Why UTR?

  • We guarantee within the first 6-8 months our TEM Service will be 100% self-funded by the savings generated.
  • We were the first company to introduce Billing Verification and TEM services into the Canadian marketplace over 30 years ago.
  • We have a proven process for examining every cost item, validating those costs and rooting out billing errors.
  • We are intimately familiar with telecom vendors for all voice, data, wireless and conferencing services throughout Canada and the United States and understand their many rates, contracts, plans, tax breakdowns, tariffs, etc., and billing formats.

Reduce costs. Boost productivity.
Control inventory. Increase data intelligence.

Can I benefit?

Consider your current procedures.

  • How do you gather the hundreds of telecom invoices every single month? 
  • What is your process to find billing errors every month?
  • How do you verify and reconcile the invoices against current inventory? 
  • How are invoices coded with cost centers/GL codes, etc.? 
  • Does AP get them paid on time?
  • Can you easily identify assets at a specific location if they need to be discontinued?

Although your staff reviews and codes your telecom invoices, it can be difficult to see volume discounts and variances, and pay on time to avoid late fees. Plus, the telecom vendors are notorious for making billing errors.

On average, 95% of telecom bills have billing errors. Such errors can go undetected for years.

Common telecom vendor billing Errors

  • Still charging for services that were disconnected
  • Not using the current contract rate
  • Being double billed for the same service
  • Billed for services not under contract
  • Apply wrong taxes/tariffs to a location
  • Misapplied payments, creating late fees and balance forward

And due to staffing and service changes, your bill is never the same.

Interested in knowing more? Check out our article Why Billing Errors Occur in Telco Invoices

Typically, a corporation pays $30,000 – $40,000
in billing errors every month.

The Telecom Invoice Treadmill

Are you like many large corporations?

  • Use 10-30 different telecom vendors with multiple contracts
  • Receive 100’s of invoices monthly (avg. 550+) 
  • Spend $MMs in telecom expenses each month
  • Keep multiple, separate, and/or incomplete lists of inventory 
  • Need to allocate costs/code expenses per departments
  • Pay $1000’s in late fees when miss the vendor-mandated 22 business day turnaround
  • Unknowingly pay for vendor billing errors 

Many departments throughout your enterprise will benefit from our integrated TEM Service.

Everyone wins with TEM

The many winners within your company.

  • IT/Telecom Owners
  • Accounts Payable
  • Finance
  • Cost Center Managers
  • Purchasing/Sourcing

Check out the full list of how each will benefit.

Take control of your telecom inventory & expense today with a solution that pays for itself within months!

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