Why Billing Errors Occur in Telco Invoices

highlighting potential issues/errors of telecom invoice

We find billing errors every day.

Are we very good at our job? Sure. 

But telco billing errors are prevalent. It’s sad to think of all the corporations that are overpaying for their telecom and IT services. Large to mid-size companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from telecom billing errors.

Typically, we find most large companies have $30,000-$40,000+
in telecom billing errors every month.

Billing errors literally lay dormant and plague your telecom invoices. And each error not found and corrected compounds invoice after invoice, often for years. 

Most of our clients believed they had missed some billing errors, but never imagined we would uncover and reduce their monthly telecom spend by 15%-25%. 

For one client, we lowered their monthly spending by $22,000. That’s $22K in errors they were paying month after month until we corrected them. Five years later, that same client rehired us for another Billing Verification; this time we found over $10,000 in savings. 

Common telecom vendor billing errors.

  • Still charging for services that were disconnected or cancelled.
  • Double billing for the same service.
  • Not using the current contract rate.
  • Billing for services not under contract.
  • Applying the wrong taxes/tariffs to a location.
  • Misapplying payments received which create late fees and balance forwards.
  • Incorrectly processing move, add and change requests.

Many errors are difficult to detect – especially when telecom/IT managers and accounts payable staff are manually processing hundreds of invoices while attempting to track inventory with a decentralized system.

And due to routine staffing and service changes, your bill is rarely the same. 

Our experienced team knows where to look for both common and atypical errors that continually occur. We find and correct billing errors and then secure refunds owed for every client we work with.

According to industry analysts, 95% of the telecom invoices
a business receives have billing errors. 

Like anything else, human and system errors occur. For large corporations, the environment is huge and complex with a high volume of widgets and services that need to be tracked, verified and paid for.

Why do errors exist?

  • Basic clerical error of a wrong rate entered into the system.
  • Not having the rates for a new master contract updated and applied to all the companies within a large conglomerate.
  • Older legacy billing systems which often hit a glitch and switch back to older rates (yes, we’ve seen this happen) or take a few billing cycles to start applying changes. 
    Did you know it can take three months for a disconnect to take affect? When it finally goes through, there should also be an appropriate credit for the overcharge – but typically you now have to request and track that credit.
  • The addition of staff who need services pushes you into a new volume discount; but is the lower rate applied?
  • Disconnected services that are never disconnected.
  • Rates have continually declined over the years with technology advancements. But are they applied correctly upon contract renewals?
  • Contracts auto-renew in the system with old, higher rates.
  • Telco companies are not staffed up to routinely confirm rates and review the bills before they go out. And it’s to their advantage for you to pay more.

Between billing errors & unused services,
many businesses OVERPAY for their telecom/IT services.

So, deciphering what you should be charged and verifying every expense line of an invoice is left to your telecom/IT managers and accounts payable.

Even if they review and code the invoices, they’re probably not catching most of the errors. Telecom expenses are complex and difficult to track and verifying every cost is complicated and time consuming.

There’s no reason for your business to be paying extra for clerical errors and unused services, which is why we dedicate our entire business model on stopping just that. We have a 100% track record in securing savings and refunds.

Not sure you even have many billing errors? Or believe your staff catches all the errors? Why not have us conduct a one-time Billing Verification to confirm it. We’ll point out the errors, correct the problems, secure refunds and show your team where issues could arise again? It’s risk-free. If we do not secure you savings or a refund, you pay $0.

Looking for a permanent solution, ask us about our comprehensive Telecom Expense Management service

There are always errors to be found.
Billing Verification will find and correct them at that time.
TEM will root them out permanently.

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