Billing Verification Services

Scrutinizing every cost

“Everything on the bill is considered wrong until our process proves it right!”

UTR Global has a proven process and track record for examining every cost item of your telecom invoices, validating those costs, and rooting out billing errors. We are intimately familiar with all voice, data, and wireless telecom vendors across Canada and the United States, and understand their many rates, contracts, plans, tax breakdowns, tariffs, etc., and billing formats.

We know where to look for both the common and atypical errors that continually occur. Once found, we work to have these errors corrected and you refunded.

Typical errors:

  • Still charging for services that are disconnected.
  • Not using the current contract rate.
  • Being double-billed for the same service.
  • Billed for services not under contract.
  • Wrong taxes/tariffs applied to a location.
  • Misapplied payments, creating late fees and balance forward.

Our solution is completely risk-free and self-funded. If you do not receive a refund or savings, we bill you nothing. Plus we have no affiliations or partnerships with any provider.

Contact us and start saving today!

We routinely save our clients 15%—25% on their monthly telecom spend — not to mention countless hours.

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