Desk with money, calculator and spreadsheets showing how UTR audits your telecom invoices to find and correct billing errors.
Reduce your Telecom spend by 15% - 25%

Billing Verification Services

We lower your telecom spend by finding overcharges & correcting billing errors.

When your business receives 100’s of IT/telecom invoices each month, there isn’t enough time to validate every expense line.

We review 100% of every invoice & consider everything is incorrect until our process proves it right.

We scrutinize every bill

  • We know where to look for both common and atypical errors that continually occur. 
  • Once found, we work to have these errors corrected and you refunded. 
  • We track all corrections in billing to ensure changes have been made.

Although your staff reviews and codes your IT/telecom invoices, it can be difficult to see volume discounts and variances, and pay on time to avoid late fees. Plus, the telecom vendors are notorious for making billing errors.

On average,95% Of telecom bills have billing errors. Such errors can go undetected for years.

Common telecom vendor billing ERRORS

  • Still charging for services that were disconnected
  • Not using the current contract rate
  • Being double-billed for the same service
  • Billed for services not under contract
  • Apply wrong taxes/tariffs to a location
  • Misapplied payments, creating late fees and balance forward

And due to staffing and service changes, your bill is never the same.

Interested in knowing more? Check out our articleWhy Billing Errors Occur in Telco Invoices

Typically a corporation pays $30,000 – $40,000
in billing errors every month.

Completely risk-free

  • Should no errors, savings or refunds be uncovered, there’s no fee for UTR’s Billing Verification Services. 
  • Our solution is completely risk-free and self-funded.
  • Plus we’re completely independent and have no affiliations or partnerships with any telecom provider.

Conducting an IT/telecom expense audit periodically will ensure you are only paying for the services you have and need.

Why UTR?

  • We have a proven process for
    • examining every cost item
    • validating those costs
    • and rooting out billing errors
  • We are intimately familiar with telecom and IT vendors, and understand their many rates, contracts, plans, tax breakdowns, tariffs, etc., and billing formats
    • for all voice, data, wireless and conferencing services
    • throughout Canada and the United States

Our Billing Verification Services will find errors, correct overbillings, and obtain the refunds that you deserve.

What are the benefits?

  • Auditing & optimizing every telecom expense.
  • Stopping lost revenue.
  • Recovering historical lost revenue.
  • Producing significant on-going savings.

What will be audited?

  • Current and historical telecom services.
  • Voice, data, wireless, conferencing, internet service, equipment, etc.
  • Contracts; volume & usage savings.
  • Recurring and non-recurring charges.

What is the value to you?

  • A reduction of telecom monthly spend by 15%–25%.
  • Assurance on expense accuracy.
  • Closure of gaps in current process that could create errors.
  • New techniques to isolate and mediate systematic billing errors each month.

Save 15%–25% of your IT/telecom spend –
let UTR uncover those billing errors!

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