Case Studies

Working with large corporations in all industries, we’ve helped every client transform the management of their IT/telecom inventory and the processing of their telecom invoices to eliminate paying for billing errors, increase productivity and provide rich data for quality analysis and forecasting.

Here’s a few case studies illustrating the benefits our clients experience. We know we can help you too.

Telephone / Cell site Towers

UTR Global Simplifies Telecom Invoice Processing for Multibillion-Dollar Bank

Between billing errors and unused services, many businesses overpay for their telecom services. UTR uncovers and corrects mistakes hiding in your monthly bill and provides a complete management process for your wireless, voice, and data services to ensure you only pay for what you need.

Meeting with client discussing savings and refunds from telecom billing audit.

UTR Secures $5.2M in Historical Refunds for Insurance Company

Mergers, acquisitions, employee turnover, expansion, and growth all lead to higher telecommunications costs, but how much comes from improper billing management? This is where a dedicated telecommunications expense management solution from UTR can easily cut costs 15%—25%.

Group meeting to review cost savings experienced with TEM service by eliminating billing and contract errors and increasing efficiencies.

How TEM Management Reduces Costs (Security Firm)

As your company grows, so do your costs. Telecom billing and contracts are one area where a small amount of management can make a big difference. Here is an example of how our Telecom Expense Management services can eliminate billing contract errors and secure your reimbursement for overcharges.


highlighting potential issues/errors of telecom invoice

Why Billing Errors Occur in Telco Invoices

We find billing errors every day.

Are we very good at our job? Sure. 

But telco billing errors are prevalent. It’s sad to think of all the corporations that are overpaying for their telecom and IT services.

Billing Verification is a great stepping stone to TEM

More than 92% of our TEM clients start their relationship with Billing Verification Service. 

And, why not?

It’s an easy, no-risk decision.

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