UTR Secures $5.2M Historical Refunds for Insurance Company

UTR account rep reviewing savings in corrected billing errors and historical refunds

UTR Secures $5.2M Historical Refunds for Insurance Company


Our client initially hired us to provide a one-time billing verification because they were concerned they were paying too much due to duplicate billing and contract errors after merger and acquisition activity. We found plenty of errors, and since they didn’t have the capability or expertise to validate invoices internally, they upgraded to our full Telecommunications Expense Management service.


We built upon our initial audit to analyze and document billing errors in detail to not only correct them in present and past billing, but also to make sure they are fixed for the future. Additionally, we provided a forecast detailing how much the company would spend and save in the future so its leadership team could fully understand the costs. They authorized UTR to negotiate with the vendors on their behalf, and we got to work.


The client received $5.2 million in historical refunds. Their monthly telecom billing was initially reduced by $340k and 5,790 billing errors were corrected. This success proved to the client the importance of proactive billing management. Our TEM service has corrected an additional 1,200+ billing errors in the past five years before they were paid. We also help our client understand their telecom inventory and expenses so they can budget correctly, make changes simply, and run their business confidently.


Mergers, acquisitions, employee turnover, expansion, and growth all lead to higher telecommunications costs, but how much comes from improper billing management? This is where a dedicated telecommunications expense management solution from UTR can easily cut costs 15-25%.

“Knowing we’re productively using staff time and never overpaying is a major relief and contributor to the bottom line. Plus, all the rich data and reporting is amazing. UTR’s team is the best.”

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