Billing Verification is a great stepping stone to TEM

More than 92% of our TEM clients start their relationship with Billing Verification Service. 

And, why not?

It’s an easy, no-risk decision.

UTR will perform a comprehensive billing audit of your telecom services to uncover and correct billing errors by reviewing your telecom contracts and verifying the last few months’ billing.

Overall, we’ll put in 4-6 months of work. Yet, you only pay us after the work is done, if – and only if – we find errors and secure savings and refunds. 

It’s a true win-win situation for you.

If no errors are found, you owe us nothing. 

If errors are discovered, 

  • errors are corrected and you stop wasting dollars paying for them;
  • refunds and credits are secured for you;
  • gaps in your current process that could create future errors are closed;
  • and a percentage of the ongoing savings pays for UTR’s service.

For us, our Billing Verification is a great way to show potential TEM clients the vast amount of billing errors the telcos routinely make. According to industry analysts, 95% of the telecom invoices a business receives have billing errors. 

It’s not your staff’s fault.

You may be thinking, “my staff reviews and codes those invoices so we’re probably catching most of them.” 

Honestly, if you have a decentralized process of managing your telco and IT services, and receive hundreds of invoices for these services every month, it can be difficult for your team to see volume discounts and variances for each expense. And don’t forget, you need to pay all these invoices on time to avoid late fees. 

With routine staffing and service changes that is inherent for a large organization, the amount due for each service is rarely the same. Telecom expenses are complex and difficult to track.

Your staff and corporation are not alone in this reality. Billing errors attack every company. Sadly, we see billing errors and refunds owed for every client we work with.

Conducting a telecom expense audit periodically will ensure you are only paying for the services you have and need. The Billing Verification will also calculate all the errors you’ve paid – which UTR will intently obtain all credits and refunds on your behalf.

Our Billing Verification Services will find errors, correct overbillings,
and obtain the refunds that you deserve – potentially $30,000 – $40,000 per month.

Billing Verification Service is a win-win for us too. 

We know there’s savings to be found, which yields us a fee for our work. Plus, our findings are proof these errors exist, confirm our credibility and showcase some of our expertise. 

Our clients also quickly realize they are lacking the time and processes needed to accurately validate and pay bills. And that’s ok, it’s not their expertise. But it certainly is ours.

Billing Verification Service is just a snapshot in time. Errors can easily occur again in your very next invoice. To stop them you need continual audit-error resolution which is one of the inherent benefits of Telecom Expense Management (TEM). 

With our TEM, 

  • your telecom invoices are verified every month;
  • your telecom invoices are processed within 2-3 days;
  • your telecom inventory is organized, managed and tracked; 
  • and robust reporting is provided monthly or as you need it.

By taking over management of your inventory, contracts and expenses of all your telecom and IT services, we can continually verify every cost item of every invoice and root out billing errors before you send payment.

Our TEM Service increases your Knowledge, Productivity & Savings.

So far we’ve discussed the dollar savings – typically enterprises see savings of 15% – 25% of their spend. But, our TEM also boosts your staff’s productivity by as much as 75%. 

Automation is one of our key tools. 

With it we easily track the ongoing moves/adds/changes of your inventory, as well as contract rates and expiration dates. 

Automation is also vital for efficient invoice processing from validating and reconciling that the proper rates and taxes were applied, identifying new services added, and ensuring canceled services were removed, to coding every expense. It’s a thorough process that occurs in 2-3 days with a ready-to-pay file sent to your AP team to submit payment – and eliminate any exorbitant late fees.

Best yet, UTR fully implements TEM for your company, another time-saver.

  • We build and maintain your database of your services, contracts, rates, locations, owners, etc. Your IT doesn’t need to program or integrate a thing.
  • We continually track all moves/adds/changes that your team implements.
  • We receive & load all vendor billing.
  • We reconcile and verify all bills.
  • We prepare cost allocation and accounts payable reports & files.
  • We generate detailed reports and analysis.
  • We liaise with telecom vendors on your behalf.
  • And, we answer any and all of your questions.

With easily accessible centralized data you no longer have to chase information down. Questions like these are promptly answered,

  • What data circuits and lines are being used in Location/Building X?
  • How much did the Marketing Department spend on conferencing this year?
  • When do we need to negotiate a new contract with Vendor Y and what’s our usage? 

Can you imagine how much time is saved when data is at your fingertips? 

Can you imagine the comfort in knowing there’s only one resource for all the information – and it’s accurate?

Can you imagine improved decision-making that can occur throughout your organization?

Your IT/Telco Managers will have easily accessible information on all inventory and expenses. They’ll know which circuits and mobile phones are owned by a particular location and department.

Cost Center Managers will have full visibility of their services, inventory and expenses. They’ll be able to easily identify what’s no longer needed. 

Purchasing / Sourcing will have rich data to confidentially negotiate contracts for best market rates to create ongoing savings. 

And Finance will be delighted with comprehensive cost trend data for simplified budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, detailed reports on monthly expenses and variances along with accruals data are always available too.

Plus, your staff is not alone. You will have a dedicated UTR Rep who’s always happy to answer your questions and pull the data for you if you prefer.

And just like our Billing Verification Service, our TEM Service also pays for itself. By month five of fully utilizing our TEM, you will realize the ongoing savings and increased staff productivity in AP, IT/Telecom and Finance.

With centralized information, billing costs verified, and inventory data updated every month, you will have complete control and visibility over your telecom inventory and expenses as it relates to how your company operates.

Are you ready to start with our Billing Verification?

TEM from UTR = Ongoing Billing Verification + 
Inventory Management + Invoice Processing Service

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