Conference room meeting to discuss reducing telecom costs with TEM

How TEM Management Reduces Costs


For our client to offer their alarm monitoring services, they are required to have nationwide data services from approximately 11 different vendors. We conducted a thorough review of all their telecom billing and contracts. We quickly determined that multiple terms and agreements were rolling over at older, non-competitive rates with inaccurate quantities. This all resulted in substantial overcharges and an administrative challenge to manage.


UTR worked with all the vendors to correct their contract billing issues, provide competitive rates, and make all agreements coterminus with a 60 days alert clause and no roll-over option. We also negotiated a refund for overcharges and a courtesy credit for business retention. Their new data service was contracted at 50% less than their previous rates.


Our client enjoyed immediate savings when we cut their telecom bills in half with negotiated competitive rates and error remediation. We also made up for years of overcharges by offsetting ongoing costs with historical refunds and credits. We continue to audit and process over 900 monthly telecom bills for all services including specialized billing for monitoring facilities. Once they saw how much money they could save with UTR, they became a long-term client – since 2014.


As your company grows, so do your costs. Telecom billing and contracts are one area where a small amount of management can make a big difference. Here is an example of how our Telecom Expense Management services can eliminate billing contract errors and secure your reimbursement for overcharges.

“UTR’s continual review and management of expenses has definitely contributed to our profit margins.”

– Valued Client

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