Document and track inventory, contracts, rates

Do you know what services and equipment you have at … … your customer service center in St. Catharines?… your branch office in Halifax?… or your warehouse in Winnepeg? Most companies struggle to answer these questions about inventory. For sure it creates multiple bills from a few vendors for voice, data/internet, cell and conferencing; but […]

Review all contracts

Everything is negotiable. Service, equipment, maintenance; it’s all negotiable. Largely everything in telecom should be under a contract. Contracts should scale up and down based on quantities and spend. Contracts should never have an auto-renew clause, and early terminations should be negotiated to the minimum. If you are having trouble with any of these steps […]

Check monthly usage

Toll and long distance charges are never going away. In fact we are seeing increased volumes over the past year. Do you know what else we are seeing … ERRORS. Most are attributed to systemic problems in older vendor billing systems. Make sure you: Vendors are not proactively reviewing and correcting this data. Most likely […]

Scrutinize every expense item

25% of your bill is WRONG.Take the time to review your telecom bills for errors. Some errors are complex and tough to find, but others are easily detected and can be resolved pretty quickly. And errors unresolved compound into large amounts of wasted dollars. Don’t have time? UTR can help you and your company eliminate […]

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