Document and track inventory, contracts, rates

Do you know what services and equipment you have at …

… your customer service center in St. Catharines?
… your branch office in Halifax?
… or your warehouse in Winnepeg?

Most companies struggle to answer these questions about inventory.

For sure it creates multiple bills from a few vendors for voice, data/internet, cell and conferencing; but not many people have an inventory of the specifics.

This lack of knowledge will lead to billing errors, contract misses and change of service problems. The impact is that you will pay more for your services than you should.

Office desk phone, data circuit and headset -- just some of the telecom/IT inventory to track and manage expenses with TEM

TEM software can aid this situation. A TEM service will manage the inventory plus absolutely leverage every opportunity to your advantage.

Finance, Provisioning and AP will also thank you as their departments will realize the downstream benefits of data management and intelligence.

You will cut your direct costs by 20% and your indirect costs by minimally 50%.

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