highlighting potential issues/errors of telecom invoice

Why Billing Errors Occur in Telco Invoices

We find billing errors every day. Are we very good at our job? Sure.  But telco billing errors are prevalent. It’s sad to think of all the corporations that are overpaying for their telecom and IT services. Large to mid-size companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from telecom billing errors. Typically, […]

highlighting potential issues/errors of telecom invoice

Billing Verification is a great stepping stone to TEM

More than 92% of our TEM clients start their relationship with Billing Verification Service.  And, why not? It’s an easy, no-risk decision. UTR will perform a comprehensive billing audit of your telecom services to uncover and correct billing errors by reviewing your telecom contracts and verifying the last few months’ billing. Overall, we’ll put in […]

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