Track credits for disconnects

Actual Scenario & Conversation

Thumb up and thumb down

Vendor: Hello, how may I help you?

UTR: Yes, I submitted a disconnect order last week and did not receive a confirmation number.

Vendor: Sorry to hear that. Could you please resend?

UTR: No problem; I’ll send it now, and you can verbally confirm receipt and email the number to me.

Vendor: Sorry, but I do not manage the email box. That is another department. Would you like to call them directly?

UTR: Yes please.

We called a few times receiving a constant busy signal and then repeated the process detailed above.

Finally we received a confirmation number but the time frame for the disconnect was pushed into the next bill period — now needing credit tracking and verification. On the next invoice we confirmed the service was removed (yay) but proper credit wasn’t applied (ugh)!

UTR: Hello, on a recent disconnect (provide details) we didn’t receive the proper credit?

Vendor: I am sorry but we don’t have the request to disconnect so I can’t help
you. Would you like to speak with someone who can assist?

UTR: Yes please.

And so it goes….

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