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Billing Verification Service

No Company knows billing like UTR.

With 19+ years of auditing North America’s largest and smallest telecom vendors on over 11,000 client engagements, we claim the title! On every project, we have always found refunds and savings for our clients, no matter how big or how small. Most of our clients have either conducted an internal audit or had an outside firm perform their service; in all cases UTR has found problems in the billing that were either overlooked or not understood.

We have a proven approach and billing verification process that is firmly anchored in our motto – “everything on the bill is considered wrong until the UTR process and software prove it right!” Our service places a focus on both common and obscure billing issues:

  • Duplicate service and billing.

  • Contract oversight and opportunities.

  • Technology review.

  • Special facilities billing.

  • Rates, tariffs and agreements.

  • Quantity issues.

  • Unused equipment and facilities.

  • Call Usage abuse and fraud.

  • Tax application errors.

Our Billing Verification Services are contingency fee based; which means if you do not receive a refund or savings our bill to you is nothing. For large company engagements, UTR’s timeline for Billing Verification projects is generally 4-6 months. We leverage a proven approach and our Audit Assistant Software tool to help in the rapid identification of all voice, data and wireless billing issues. UTR has no affiliation or partnership with any telecommunications services providers, this we do for our clients as it allows UTR to be completely independent in the error identifications and claim recovery process. Claims can be documented within the 1st week of the engagement. Start Saving Today!

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