Gain control of your telecom inventory & expense

with UTR’s Telecom Expense Management Service

Reduce your telecom spend & manage your inventory assets seamlessly.

UTR Global’s automated TEM simply:

  • Manages and tracks all wireless, voice and data services,
  • Uncovers billing errors (15%—25% savings),
  • Secures corrections and reimbursements for any overcharges,
  • Streamlines invoice processing,
  • Verifies every charge for accurate, on-time bill payment.


  • Know exactly what you have and what you’re paying for.


  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Ensure you are billed at the correct rates.
  • Negotiate, plan, and budget accurately.


  • Integrated system provides accuracy and automation.
  • Save time not dealing with telecom expenses

UTR’s TEM is a powerful integrated system that merges your company data with your billing data. With centralized information, billing costs verified and inventory data updated every month, you are now in complete control over your telecom inventory and expenses.

WHY UTR? With over 30 years experience, UTR has 100% track record for generating savings and increasing staff productivity with our TEM solutions.

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