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TEAM Plug-in Options

To start or when you are ready to add the next level to your Telecom Management Strategy, UTR provides a full range of service and software options that have a proven track record achieving results for our clients and enhancing internal service offerings and management focus:

  • Call Accounting – PBX, Centrex, VoIP, Wireless, Pager and Conferencing usage can all be processed within UTR’s TEAM solution providing expense and traffic analysis reporting for every level of your company. From Employee usage to Department expense drill-down reports, UTR will provide their unique PUSH technology to seamlessly deliver meaningful reports directly to the recipients email box. UTR clients have reported a substantial decrease in unnecessary non-work related calls; reducing expense and increasing productivity.
  • Equipment Inventory Digital Catalog – Integrated with your Service Order process, UTR’s Equipment Inventory Digital Catalog provides both pricing, pictures and descriptions of all equipment types that can be ordered for voice, data, wireless and IT services. To help establish a base for standardization, special permissions can be set within the catalog to manage access within your company and improve choices within the organization. Company personnel will be offered equipment choices consistent with their permission level within the organization. The Digital Catalog is a great plug-in for the company looking to establish an effective service order process. UTR clients report increased user-ship of the automated service order process and a reduction in support staff due to the Digital Catalog and description of the equipment inventory.
  • E911 PS/ALI – If your company needs to become E911 compliant, UTR’s TEAM solution can provide the standard linking functionality, update ability to map every person, line number to a site and location with easy web access to information or file download capability of the information for emergency services and your vendor. UTR’s TEAM solution will move your organization forward to E911 compliance, while creating a safer environment in case of an emergency.
  • 311 Information Desk – Our government clients are thriving with the use of UTR’s 311 Information Desk. UTR’s 311 Information Desk provides patented information tagging architecture that provides the citizenry with quick, easy access to government services and non-emergency information. This functionality helps agencies deliver superior service while focusing on their core mission and workload duties. UTR’s 311 Information Desk provides the necessary relieve to government’s 911 services both efficiently and effectively.
  • Internet / Intranet / Print Directory – For a number of our larger corporate and government clients UTR has created a traditional paper directory (available in searchable PDF form as well), an internal intranet directory complete with full search and sort capability and a Internet Directory used by the visiting, calling or emailing public to contact personnel. This automation has organized, associated and linked large quantities of data, and created a streamlined process to maintain the accuracy of the data as the organization changes.

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