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Software / SaaS

All UTR software products can be provided under a software license agreement or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model with or with-out UTR provided management services. UTR’s software systems are completely web based making for easy installation / updating and deployment within your corporation; complete use of our software systems is available via your internet browser.

FTS – Financial Telemanagement System is the Standard in Telecom Expense and Asset Management. FTS has everything that your telecommunications / IT department needs to manage your company's voice, data, wireless and IT equipment inventory, services and vendor bills. FTS has an integrated software and process structure that integrates the functions of Service Order Provisioning, Inventory Management and Vendor Bill Reconciliation and Payment. Enter data once into FTS and it is proliferated through-out the system!

Audit Assistant audits your vendor bills! This one-of-a-kind software system allows you to import your voice, data and wireless vendor bills into a structure that will analyze the charges and recommend changes that will reduce the amount of money your company spends on telecommunications services. Audit Assistant has built-in work flow that will email the analysis directly to your vendor so that these changes can be made and you can start savings money today.