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Services / BPO

All UTR services and software systems are designed to save you time and money.

The telecommunications services vendors don’t make it easy for you to understand their billing. The “language” of the bill is often unintelligible and rarely accurate. You are either paying for something you do not have, or paying the wrong rate. In fact, Gartner and AOTMP maintain that errors exist on better than 80% of all vendor bills – We think it is higher! Our 19 years of experience dealing with telecom companies have formed the core for our software and services – “everything on the bill is considered wrong until the UTR process and software prove it right!”

Our services and software correct the billing and provide a bridge between the cost items that are individualized on the bill and your company organizational structure. We relate the charges on page 215 to Fred Smith in the accounting department, and by doing so we make a recognizable connection between the cost and the consumer of that expense; an unmanageable task becomes manageable. Once the charges are related and that bridge is made, UTR can easily deploy other activities such as charge verification, cost allocation, inventory management and service provisioning to help you run your department like a business.

All monies found or reduced will help your company’s bottom line! Start Saving Today.

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