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Consulting Services

All UTR’s consulting services are designed to support our client’s strategy to manage and control telecommunications expenses and equipment inventory. Our more popular engagements have included:

  • Physical Inventory Service – Used to affirm the existence or type of telecom billing and equipment in concert with creating a complete equipment inventory of telecommunications and IT devices dedicated UTR technicians perform a thorough and complete inventory by person, site or location. All voice, data, wireless, and desktop equipment with their associated jacks, ports, connectivity, serial numbers, asset tags and company information is recorded during a thorough inspection of the facilities. All physical inventory information is entered into excel or access and given to the client in electronic form so that a complete and centralized asset repository can be maintained.

  • Price and Service Guide – For the telecommunications department that needs to standardize its service offering and equipment catalogue to the organization, UTR has created an incredible Price and Service Guide that details the equipment and services available to employees of their organization. UTR has delivered this Price and Service Guide within our FTS software system to our TEM clients and in a standalone system connected to an existing company web service. Detailed within the guide are equipment features, cost structures, charge-out information, cost comparisons to similar equipment types and SLAs for installation or changing.

  • Contract / RFP Review – Clients get flooded with vendor offerings, RFP responses and contracts on the telecommunications services they use each and every day. UTR has been able to offer effective review, analysis and recommendations of all vendor related and provided documents allowing the Client to maximize their position as the buyer of these services.