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Audit Assistant Service

Saving Money Just Got Easier!

Historically, telecom audits were manual activities that involved stacks of paper, tariffs, contracts and lots of time. No more – UTR has developed an Audit Assistant application that automates the entire charge verification and audit process for voice, data, wireless and usage for tariffed, plan and contracted billing. Finding billing errors and areas of savings has never been easier. A recent user of Audit Assistant just saved $20,000 per month.

These days – especially with the growing influence of Cellular and Wireless use – billing drastically changes from month to month. Much of this change is driven by behavior and the availability of features and functions that employees use during the course of their work-day (and beyond). As such, and to keep on top of these changes, UTR developed a web based software system – Audit Assistant – that allows you to import the billing into the application and run a series of cost savings and abuse identifier reports to help manage the costs.

Is texting bad? No, in fact we think it is productive and probably cheaper and more efficient than a regular call. For your wireless billing, Audit Assistant will analyze not only your text messaging, but data usage, voice usage and your other services to determine if your plan is working for you, giving you the best bang for your buck! For the wired world, Audit Assistant will check all contracts, agreements, tariffed items and determine if you are being billed correctly for services and that you are receiving the lowest rate possible for your service.

Our 18 years of telecom auditing experience has allowed us to identify the areas that are prone to problems in billing. UTR’s Auditing Department has been using it for years, saving millions of dollars for our clients. Now UTR can offer this unique service to you. Using Audit Assistant UTR will perform a monthly due diligence analysis to insure your company is error free and paying no more than it should for telecommunications services. UTR will be able to put a “microscope” on areas of billing that have been susceptible to problems in billing – among the more prevalent include:

  • Rate and Tariff Errors

  • Missing Contract Billing Rate Schedules and Options

  • Exorbitant Rental Equipment Charges

  • Unexplained Monthly Service Charges

  • Non-optimized Wireless Plans

  • Costly Text Messaging Charges

  • Data Plan Optimization

  • Misapplied Corporate Discounting

  • Costly International / Cross Border Billing

  • Abandoned Devices Still On the Bill

The Audit Assistant Service will find both common and obscure billing issues and your UTR Audit Team will work with your vendors to insure the billing is adjusted, refunded and applied accurately so your bill is correct and providing the lowest cost possible on the services used by your company. Start Saving Today.

Audit Assistant Introduction

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