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UTR’s Cost Recovery Program Matches Companies Concern Over Expense

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey – June 2009 - UTR, a firm that specializes in providing Telemanagement Expense and Asset Management software, service solutions reports a 200% increase in demand for audit services on telecom vendor invoices.

“The economy has Companies extremely concerned over the accuracy of their telecom monthly invoices, and rightly so companies do not want to spend one more dime than they have to,” says Michael Sullivan VP of Audit Services for UTR. For years, these companies have experienced substantial growth in operations and personnel all requiring access to technology in the form of a voice lines, wireless devices and data services. With recent corporate restructures and layoffs, these companies are combing every avenue to save money – and finding unused, yet still billed technology and service is a big one.

UTR saves money for our clients by identifying unused services, removing the charges from the bill and negotiating with the vendor for a refund. UTR also specializes in contract and rate and tariff reviews. Additionally UTR will identify equipment and services that can be redeployed, such as wireless devices, cards and network services saving precious time and countless dollars in procurement and management costs. “Any money UTR saves for our Clients goes right to the bottom line of their organization, improving operating capital and over-all profitability”, says Donald Murphy VP of Sales and Marketing.

UTR’s Telecom Auditing Services are contingency fee based and can be provided as a stand-alone service or part of a larger initiative whereby UTR would correct the vendor billing and provide monthly services to maintain the accuracy of the vendor billing, regardless of the changes your company goes through.

100% guarantee to lower the monthly telecom expense and self fund additional projects.

Contact Donald Murphy – for more information.