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Companies have new tool to slash soaring phone bills

CNW GroupUTR Global's cost-saving Audit Assistant finds hidden, erroneous charges

TORONTO, Oct. 20 /CNW/ - Patrick Connolly, the Canadian president of UTR Global, one of North America's leading telecom expense and asset management software and services companies, has a simple message to reduce skyrocketing corporate phone bills: it's time to hang them up.

"Canadian companies have been dramatically overpaying for their land and mobile telephone services. In fact, we operate on the premise that every phone bill is inaccurate. We guarantee that we can slash a minimum of 10 per cent from a company's monthly phone costs. In some cases, companies can reduce their monthly telecom expense by 20 to 25 per cent," Connolly said.

UTR Global today announced the launch of Audit Assistant, a new software application that puts the cost-saving ability directly in a company's hands. Audit Assistant provides 24/7 monitoring of their land and mobile telephone spending. They will be able to make sense, control and receive significant rebates on their telecommunications bills.

"Three months ago, we saved the Canadian arm of a global innovation firm with 3,000 employees $20,000 a month using Audit Assistant. Audit Assistant identifies the billing problem and allows you to email the worksheet directly to the vendor for correction," says Connolly. "We have bundled our 20 years of experience into a package so Canadian companies can easily understand and manage their telcom billing."

UTR Global looks at each engagement through this lens: all telephone bills are wrong until proven correct by a series of specialized audit activities. Traditionally, UTR Global reviews all the voice, data and wireless bills for a company - there are often hundreds if not thousands of bills to review - and finds the billing errors and opportunities. Audit Assistant has automated this process allowing companies to take charge of their costs.

Companies are overpaying for their phone services for three main reasons according to Connolly. Telecommunications companies are:

  1. Not making the consumer aware of better pricing options
  2. Billing for service that was disconnected
  3. Billing the wrong rate or plan

Using Audit Assistant, companies will be able to put a "microscope" on areas of the invoice that have been susceptible to problems in billing - among the more prevalent include:

  • Rate and tariff errors
  • Missing contract billing rate schedules and options
  • Exorbitant rental equipment charges
  • Unexplained monthly service charges
  • Non-optimized wireless plans
  • Costly text messaging charges
  • Data plan and roaming optimization
  • Mis-applied long distance rates
  • Abandoned devices still on the bills

The company's clients for the last two decades include all major Canadian financial institutions, Toronto-based hospitals, major oil and gas companies, Export Development Canada, 3M, Reitmans, Ernst & Young and Sanofi Pasteur.

"Managing the variables in telecom billing is an extensive job that is challenging for any one person or company to manage, especially because the telecommunications firms change the rules daily. Audit Assistant makes things easier for managers and allows them to do their job and manage their costs more effectively," Connolly said.

Audit Assistant is a web-based application. With the billing data loaded into Audit Assistant clients are given individual login information that leads them to their specific billing information. From there, they click on Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Analysis which leads them to a page allowing them to review their telecommunications billing for errors and opportunities for savings. It's simple.

Upon review of the billing errors, the client can automatically notify their vendor of the issues and request correction or send a message to UTR asking any questions. Connolly says, "We are here to work with our clients and create value by helping them get the bill right."

UTR Global started working with North America's largest organizations in 1991 helping them understand and manage their telecommunications costs. More than just an audit and billing verification services firm, in 1996 UTR developed a software solution, Financial Telemanagement System (FTS) and offered this web based solution as a software license or bundled with a Telecom Expense and Asset Management service offering.

The company's unique offering and timing within the industry quickly secured North America's largest financial services companies as clients. UTR's solutions are scalable; our largest client manages over $350 million annually within FTS, while our smallest manages just $480,000. UTR is a full service telecom expense and asset management software and services company with 20 years of experience.

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