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As Client needs grow UTR rises to meet the challenges with solutions for IPDR Usage Processing, 911 Compliance and Desktop Provisioning and Deployment.

Toronto, Ontario – May 11, 2007 – UTR, a company that provides the Fortune 1000 marketplace with telecommunications and IT management software and service solutions has developed some first to market applications to meet the growing needs of their clients.

“UTR is the only company in North America processing enterprise IPDR traffic to this level of detail”, says a Nortel service team manager. IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record) is the usage associated with a company’s VOIP environment. Within VOIP technology, tracking call duration and allocating costs back to the appropriate cost centers for their share of the usage on the network became a real requirement. Otherwise, the allocation would have been a shared or overhead cost. Using FTS, our web based Financial Telemanagement System UTR developed a program to capture, process then price IPDR traffic as events between two points. UTR also developed a number of other engineering reports that help identify Bandwidth requirements, quality of service and latency issues.. As VOIP installations increase for the rest of the Fortune 1000 business community UTR is positioned as the fore-runner to offer a solution to process, price, allocate and report on the IPDR data.

In concert with the growing needs of corporate security for their employees, UTR has developed a data interface that downloads all 911 employee information from our FTS system to Bell Canada’s emergency services database so that the EMS team can be dispatched to the specific location of a reported incident. Recently there was a fire at a campus location for one of our financial services clients, whereby the local Firehouse crew responded to the exact location of the reported crisis. “In the event of a crisis if the EMS team knows exactly where to go, lives can be saved”, says a witness to a recent emergency. As 911 compliance grows, UTR will continue to develop solutions that work with Telephone Company and EMS systems to secure the safety of our clients.

For most of our larger financial services clients and for some of our smaller clients who just want to do it all in a single database, the development of the FTS provisioning and deployment for Computer Desktops has been a godsend. For some clients, FTS handles procurement through installation while for other clients FTS interfaces with their procurement systems, receives the total inventory and commences with work order tickets to get the desktops installed for the users. Once installed, technicians can log onto FTS (a web based system) with their password and finalize the work order ticket which updates the user’s profile for assets, port connection, one-time charges and recurring charges. “UTR has designed the FTS provisioning wizard to leverage every automation point in the process, manual activities have been substantially reduced and time-to-install has never been better”, states a project manager for a Canadian Bank.

Contact Patrick Connolly for further information at or 201-567-6060.