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Complexity of Telecom Billing Leads to Mistakes - The Wire Report

The Wire Report - Publishes Article on Telecom Billing Errors - UTR contributes

Wrong number has new meaning

Patrick Connolly of UTR Global was recently mentioned in Garry Marr's column in the Financial Post:

UTR Global says Canadians are overpaying for cellphones because telecommunication companies do not make the consumer aware of better pricing options, bill for service that has been disconnected or get the wrong rate or plan.

"Right now it's only available for business. Eventually the application will be available for consumers," he says about the software, called Audit Assistant, which costs $30,000 and allows companies to input their electronic telecommunications bill into the application, which then spits out a savings report.

Read more:

Auditor: Cell phone users are often overbilled

Patrick Connelly says the majority of customers usually don't notice that major providers frequently overbill for cell phone service.

Roseman: Don’t bother complaining to agency funded by telecom industry

Ellen Roseman of Moneyville writes about the Canadian Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services:

"The CCTS has a limited mandate, which it recognizes in itsannual report released last week.

It can accept complaints in just four areas: Billing errors, contract disputes, service delivery (installation, repair and maintenance) and unauthorized transfer of service (slamming).

It has no mandate to investigate complaints about customer service, misleading advertising, pricing, telemarketing, outsourcing of calls and a service provider’s general policies.

Consumers often find telecom contracts are slanted in the company’s favour, imposing extra fees or changing terms in midstream."

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