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Thoughts on Telecom

Top TEM Benefits - What are you looking for?

Every Company's Telecom Expense Management needs are different, and within the organization different people are looking for their benefits - What are you looking for?  I will start with a few, please contribute your own, your perspective will be appreciated by others:

Toronto, Ontario - December 7 - 10, 2010 Telecom Expense Management Presentations

Donald Murphy will be visiting our Toronto Office December 7 thru 10, 2010 to present our Audit Assistant application to a number of interested companies. If you would like to have a demonstration of the most unique system in the industry of TEM, please call Donald at 416-598-1300 or 201-658-8421 or We can show you how to save money immediately.

Ottawa, Ontario - Expense Management Presentations - Week of November 15, 2010

UTR Senior Management will be visiting Ottawa, Ontario to meet with existing and potential clients. UTR will be presenting our Audit Assistant software application and demonstrating how it can reduce your telecom costs by 20%. Call Donald Murphy at 201-567-6060 or email to book your appointment. Start saving today.

Cell Phone Billing Errors Keep Growing - Billing complaints up 52% - Audit Assistant Can Help

Canadian Telecom watchdog agency - CCTS - reported that wireless carriers were the target of 52 percent of the billing complaints received last year! Many of these reported billing problems were as a result of slamming, premium text messages and extra fees. Audit Assistant has identified these billing issues with many of our clients. As more wireless services are offered these complaints and costs are only going to sky-rocket! Call today and use Audit Assistant to get your billing accurate.

Audit Assistant Software - Everyone Wants One!

From CLECs to Auditing Firms to End Users - the response to UTR's introduction of our Audit Assistant Software System has been overwhelming. Does this mean that the need for the traditional Audit Service is no more? I am not sure we are at that stage yet, but a system like Audit Assistant that incorporates over 20 years of auditing experience and automates those tedious tasks could be a big threat. Maybe

UTR's New Web Site

Our new website is finished! We have added information on our new software and service - Audit Assistant. Also, we have added a virtual Spokesperson. Please let us know what you think.
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